Click on a question to see it helpful tips in asking the question

  • Question 1- How did you do with what you learned last week?

    -How did you do with last week’s I will and sharing?


    -With whom did you share last week’s lesson?


    -How did you put into practice what you learned from last week’s lesson?

  • Question 2-What are you Thankful for?

    An easy way to jump into the group.

    Call on someone by name, “Sara, what are you thankful for today?


    This question will help you expose the group to

    prayer. Prayer is expressing our thanks to God.

    Eventually you will be able to show them to how

    to express thanks to God rather than one


  • Question 3 -What is the biggest challenge you are facing today?

    Authenticity is key to a community of Jesus

    followers. This question helps people learn how to

    relate deeper.


    Be careful though, this question can lead to time

    management issues in the group. Using the

    word, “today” or “one thing” can help limit the

    discussion so this question doesn’t derail the


  • Question 4- Do you know someone you could serve this week?

    This could be one of your neighbors, workmates or then someone in this group.

  •  Question 5 -What is God saying?

    -Read the designated passage aloud in 2 different versions if available.


    -Have one person re-tell the passage in their own words.


     -You may want to appoint that person before you read.


     -Ask others to help add to what may have been missed or their insights


     -Use the LEMON BITE (Click the link to read more) questions if groups needs help discussing the passage.

  • Question 6 -If this is God speaking what will you do about it?

    Develop a tangible statement that will put into practice what you learned from the designated passage.


    For example, “I will take 10 minutes a day to reflect on how much God loves me”


     “I will begin to recycle because God has given me the earth to take care of.”


     To get them to make good “I will” statements you might need to take a few minutes of silence to let each person think about an “I will” statement then ask someone to start sharing what they have developed.


     Work to get “I will” statement specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.


     Make sure someone records the “I will” statements so you can ask next week about them.

  • Question 7 -Who will you Share what you learned this week?


    Share with at least one person preferably who is not in a relationship with God and preferably someone already in your relational network.